Soundcloud is basically a society. Meaning it assist one another by working together. In soundcloud on the other hand, it means people generate sound and want it to share it with the rest of the world. In this case therefore, soundcloud is just about sharing both sound and music. Moreover, it also about sharing common goal, attitude, interest and becoming part of the likeminded community individual.

Therefore, if you want to get more Soundcloud plays, you simply need to construct on this sense of community. Having meaningful and genuine connection with others is one sure way of getting many soundcloud plays. To be sure of getting more soundcloud, ensure that;

How to get more soundcloud plays

Firstly, keenly listen to other people’s sounds. You don’t do this because it always feels decent to do so, but because it is necessary to get to know what is happening outside before you embark on increasing your soundcloud plays. Ensure you use the search tools provided to you and also the groups.

Secondly, be keen to follow and like any sound you enjoy in communal or public and find it good to drop them a note. In return, you’ll get appreciated and they will probably follow yours as well and you get guaranteed of more Sound cloud plays. Remember, the comments and remarks you leave do have to be very relevant, honest from deep down your heart, encouraging, constructive and useful. It should of course be plenty enough.

Being able to know what to do with people’s sound demands also your to think even more about your own, since following others should give you more sound loud, but back in your mind note that what you want is for more people to actually pursue you.

So, if in case get a comment or message about your sound, make sure you do reply too and as soon as possible. Like-minded individuals groups are good for sharing your sound. So, join them. Alternatively, you can decide also to initiate your own group and then add tracks from Sound cloud and hence you stand a chance of getting more sound plays. And when anyone contributes to your group, then make sure to appreciate them by linking to their sound cloud plays as well.

Come up with an attractive avatar, it is quite good in solidifying your individuality on Sound cloud plays. You can debate all you need about how the tune or music should do the talking, but a very well designed avatar can subconsciously attract listeners.

Be sure the avatar design is optimized well for thumbnail size. In several instances, it will be seen as a small box on either a timeline of a song or on a followers list, meaning, it has to translate nicely both large and small.

Also, work hard as much as possible by utilize the other social networking like twitter and Facebook (widgets) which accelerates following track across private and public networks hence maintaining the quality of your recording. Besides, making you more visible and providing a taste to enjoy your soundcloud.

Getting more Soundcloud plays depends entirely on the effort you put into it. To gain both follower and listener attention, you actually require some engagement and dedication. A soundcloud play is counted once the play button is clicked.


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