Simple Steps on How To Get More Soundcloud Plays and Followers

People who have used the internet especially music producers and DJs have probably come across soundcloud. This is a company that promises to help users “move audio”. This usually sounds like a very lucrative deal especially for musicians who are starting out. You however have to put in some effort to get results from the platform as it is not as simple as uploading a song and having many fans listening to you.  To get the best out of the platform, read on to find out some of the steps that can be used to get more plays and followers.

soundcloud tracks

soundcloud plays and followers

  • Make use of the favorite list

This is one of the sure ways on how to get more soundcloud followers. The interface on the platform allows users to stream music without having to download it with just a click on the mouse. Go to the dashboard to see what the people you have followed have put on the site. Take some time and moves the ones you like the favorite list. This is an incredible bookmarking tool. This will help you get more followers because your friends may want to return the favor somewhere down the road.

  • Design a very attractive avatar

Another way on how to get more soundcloud plays is to design an avatar that is very attractive. The importance of a great design cannot be emphasized enough as this helps to make sure that you get a solid identity on soundcloud. Although people may argue that it is the music that it is supposed to do the marketing, this can also play a huge role in attracting very many listeners subconsciously. Remember to ensure that avatar is optimized to a thumbnail size using two or three primary colors so that it can be appealing to the eye of potential followers.

  • Leave comments

This also goes to show that you need to have genuine interest in what other people are doing on the site if you want to succeed with the tactics on how to get more soundcloud followers. Leaving a positive comment on other member’s original mixes and tracks is a very powerful tool. This is because it helps to enhance your visibility even to people who are not following already. If you write something interesting people may be persuaded to follow you thanks to the comment you made.

  • Join groups

There is also the option of joining groups when you are looking for ways on how to get more soundcloud plays. Regardless of the type of music that you are dealing with, there is always a group that has been specifically designed for it. The good news is that there is no limit as to the number of groups that you can join. You can submit your work to the groups to help you get the tracks out there. You can even begin a group if you are ambitious and people will sign it though it may take some time helping you to get more follower and plays at the end of the day.