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2000 Plays

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Reasons to buy Soundcloud plays

Get Thousands of YouTube Views for Your Videos

Boost Authority

If you are concerned about enhancing your online credibility, boosting your track’ play count is utterly essential. Having high play counts is the number one factor that gets people listed to your music.

Create Traction

High volume of SC Plays makes your track stand out and this creates traction. It draws people’s attention and it significantly opens more doors for your success.

Acquire Fame

If becoming a star is your ultimate dream, sharing your talent will be much more possible with an attractive amount of views. The more Soundcloud plays you get the more chances for fame.

Search Ranking

Tracks can be ranked much easier on search engines if they have huge amount of plays. Tracks are basically categorized according to popularity.

  • Average Retention 80%
  • Mobile Traffic 67%
  • Rank Increase 90%

The Results Are Amazing

Maybe you decided to buy Soundcloud plays from a different provider in the past and their service didn’t live up to your expectations. That’s where ViralPlays is different. We have thousands of happy customers on a daily basis that come back to our website and order more packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy SoundCloud plays?

Scroll to the top of this page, choose a package, place an order, set the payment, and your instant Soundcloud plays will then be delivered seamlessly.

Why are your prices so low?

In order to serve you better, we have done whatever we can to optimize the methods further over the past years. We have managed to keep production cost at its lowest for you to enjoy a highly effective and highly affordable service.

Can your service make me famous?

With your talent and with our expertise, we can certainly go the extra mile towards utmost popularity.

What are the benefits of buying SC plays?

Getting traction is the main benefit. A really important secondary benefit is that your credibility increases based solely on that growing plays count. Play counts are the number one reason why people decide to listen to your track or move on.

How does this work exactly?

Buying SC plays can seem a little sketchy right? I know, but we’ve been doing it successfully for years. We direct traffic from a network of existing websites and traffic sources until the video reaches its target number.

Are other people doing this?

Yes, thousands of other artists are doing this. It’s a simple marketing strategy to help build credibility. If you have an awesome track, it will help kickstart your campaign. If you music isn’t awesome then think twice before buying plays!

How long does it take for the views to appear?

It will take about 4-6 hours for the views to appear on your track. In some cases, Soundcloud may delay the count updates because of changes on their end. We can’t control that part but ultimately, you will get what you pay for.

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