Soundcloud community compasses of sound creators, listeners and followers all around the world. The community share their music, values and interests. It is a platform where people connect together. If you are trying to build a large community of followers on soundcloud, you should have strong values and build genuine and significant associations with other people. The tips below explain how to get more followers without having to spend a dime.

Be online regularly

When you are online, you are noticeable and you become more discoverable. The soundcloud community is able to see you on their dashboards. This makes it likely for them to follow you. Moreover, update your status and refresh your page to keep your online status visible.



Make an attempt of making relevant comments on other sound cloud members’ statuses or tracks. This enables you to connect to people and makes you more discoverable. Additionally, saying something interest catches the attention of some followers on soundcloud. A catchy phrase or comment may arouse their curiosity and they will be compelled to find out more on the commenter.

Keep in touch with your listeners by commenting or replying to their messages. This helps to keep in touch with them and they will appreciate you more thus forming a strong followers’ base. Remember that the meaningful and relevant comments you leave behind will help create a large follower community for you.

Develop an attractive page

Image is everything and the first impression people get about something leaves them with a lasting perception about it. Having a beautiful design page can help build your followers’ list. Soundcloud community is attracted to a well-designed avatar even without realization. A stylish and attractive page makes you look professional and serious with your work.

Join relevant groups

Soundcloud has numerous groups depending on the type of music, values and interests. Joining a group of your relevance will go a long way in getting more followers. This way your music will be available to more people and listeners will track your page. Joining a group will additionally give you a chance to listen to some other people’s music. There is no limit to the amount of groups you can join on soundcloud but it is vital to join meaningful and considerable groups.


Tag songs

Adding a description to the songs to upload on soundcloud helps to advertise the songs. An interesting description will make a follower curious and they end up listening to your song. In addition, if they like it, they are likely to decide to follow you. Tagging songs does not only include describing the song but you can also name the recording label, the year produced and the genre. More tags will make the song more discoverable. Tagging improves your search ratings on soundcloud and your songs appear at the top of followers’ song lists.


Another effective way of getting followers is incorporating your soundcloud account with other social media accounts you have. The social media world is well connected and it is easier for people to find you even when they are not on soundcloud. Remember to maintain the interface theme of you account even as you share it and connect to your other social media accounts

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